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Welcome to Garden Fable — the home of Des Doyle, a champion of sustainable garden design.

For over 15 years I have experimented with plants and plant communities to create plantings that require minimal intervention and deliver maximum aesthetic effect, a long season of interest and a rich habitat for pollinators. My work is driven by the belief that we need to radically re-frame how gardening contributes to climate change. Currently many gardeners use lots of peat, huge amounts of water, fertiliser and use short lived/ seasonal plants flown in from all around the world with the objective of creating a garden which they think is environmentally friendly. Ironically most gardeners who consume products in this way are solidly contributing to biodiversity loss and climate change. My approach is different; I use low water or no water schemes, I avoid weeding and plan plantings specifically for drought, low nutrients and challenging sites. The main outcomes of my work are plantings that require little intervention, no staking, no spraying and little if any watering – these are a deeply welcoming habitat for insects and biodiversity and represent how we should garden in the future.