All about me

I’m a Garden Designer based in Ireland, working from a two hundred year old garden that I have restored and re-designed over the past ten years.

I originally trained in Design and worked as a Goldsmith at an international level for over ten years, I now design gardens, write on gardening and trial new and interesting plants. My interest in gardening is multifaceted; I’m interested in design, the cultural history of gardens, the ecology of plants and plant communities, I’m also interested in style and how plants can be used to create interest, make effects and add drama and beauty to our lives. I’m a lover of gardens that work. I like good progression, clean and useful lines, materials that are appropriate and finally a plant palette that is interesting and makes best use of the qualities of each plant. I’m very interested in grasses, gravel gardens and combining formal and traditional elements such as topiary and old roses with a more modern selection of plants.

The best gardens have presence and style and exude personality. I ‘m always happy to work on any project – from a small re-planting job right up to full garden layouts. My knowledge of plants is deep and the result of over 20 years of growing, propagating and combining rare, interesting and unusual plants from around the world. I’m confident that I can bring a fresh take on the old and new ideas to the table and make the world a better place, one garden at a time.