Covid 19

Since the Covid19 Pandemic in early March all our lives have been affected. Together we have all made efforts to reduce the spread of the virus and now face a slow opening up of our economic and social lives.
June 2020 sees the return of my Courses & Garden Workshops.
I’m delighted to welcome all participants, old and new, to the gardens. For your safety I’ve put together a plan that I hope will ensure you feel safe, comfortable and happy to join me on my courses.

The majority of my courses are outside, mostly the demonstrations I do are ‘hands on’ and the times we are closer together include the coffee on arrival and eating lunch.

Here are the key changes you need to be aware of:


Coffee and Tea on Arrival will be outside if the weather is good. I will do all the serving of teas, coffee’s. All delph and cutlery will have been hot washed on a long cycle in a dishwasher pre use. You are welcome to bring your own cup if you feel more comfortable in doing so.

– If the weather is bad we will have coffee in the training room with a shorter period there and you will be expected to social distance as you see fit.
– I will tidy and put away all cutlery and delph.


The Bathroom will be sanitised before every course.- The window will be open at all times.- I will provide small towels which are single use and binned for hot washing- You may also feel more comfortable using the electric hand dryer- There will be hand soap for handwashing and hot water.- When you have finished using the bathroom please use the sanitiser and fresh clean cloth to sanitise the toilet seat, sink and door handle after use. Leave the cloths in the washing bin located outside the door.


– I will prepare and serve lunch.
– You will que in a socially distanced line and take plate and cutlery as required.
– If the weather is good we will sit outside on long tables or if the weather is bad we can sit inside spaced as you feel comfortable.
– I will do all tidying afterwards.- All delph and cutlery will have been hot washed on a long cycle in a dishwasher pre use. You are welcome to bring your own cutlery & delph if you feel more comfortable in doing so.


– Outside should present few problems. Please spread out as required. If you need me to repeat anything or re- present anything please ask. I’m happy to do so.
It’s really important that we all work together to make these points work. Everyone has different levels of risk they are happy with and everyone is entitled to ask for what they want to feel safe.

If you have concerns or suggestions please tell me in person, email me or call or text me on 085 129 3189
I appreciate your business and want you to enjoy all the world of gardening has to offer.