Garden Design

When I design a garden I start with the important things: what you, the client want and like, the aspect and soil in the garden, the plants you like, what will grow there and how much you will use the garden. Maintenance is important and I always design with this in mind.

My style is focussed on using classic elements such as clipped hedges, good hard landscaping features such as steps and edging and a combination of great performing plants and shrubs. I can work on any style you like; I have a deep knowledge of hundreds of plants and also experience in combining these plants into lush, beautiful, interesting and long lasting schemes that will add value to your property and lots of happiness to your life. I work on lots of different gardens, some are new builds, city gardens, some are regeneration projects. Whatever you want I can help you with. I work with one project at a time so you will receive one on one attention.

I am always happy to have a no obligation call to discuss your garden ideas – you can book a call back below.